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Benefit Skin Care

Where else to start but with my skin.... I have quite problematic skin. It’s very oily and prone to spots and blemishes. If I’m stressed or hormonal it really does show on my skin, so it’s a constant battle to try and keep my skin looking clear and feeling clean.

I’ve tried different cleansers, different ways to cleanse- hot cloth, face brush etc.- different moisturisers, different spot treatments, but I didn’t noticing changes until I started using the Benefit Skin Care range.

Introduced to it through my mum, a well-chosen Christmas present, when she asked the woman at the Benefit counter for anything to help spot prone skin. Although it is Benefit’s only skin care range, it really is a ‘pure’ formula to help cleanse and ease ‘angry’ skin-, which is sometimes the case for me.

I don’t begrudge having oily skin- it’s a sign of healthy skin, it’s less prone to wrinkles, no dry patches- when it comes to things like make-up, that’s when the trouble starts.

I know if I don’t apply a good quantity of make-up, and lightly top up during the day, my make up will not last all day- no way! And without lightly powdering my t-zone and chin during the day, I will be shiny and in serious need of blotting!

So the issues that come with applying more make-up is how to effectively remove and cleanse to avoid those problematic areas, which brew up under layers of primer, foundation, concealer and powder.

I always remove my make up at the end of the day with micellar water and cotton wool pads; I find this is the easiest ways to get rid of the majority of my make-up- without pulling or ‘scrubbing’ at the skin. I also wear a lot of eye make-up and I find gently pressing micellar water soaked cotton wool pads over my eyes, eases the mascara and eyeliner right off, again without scrubbing and without losing many eyelashes.

I then wet my face with warm water and squeeze a small amount of the ‘Benefit Cleanse Foamingly Clean Facial Wash’ onto my fingers and massage it into my face and neck, never forget the neck! I concentrate on my nose, chin, temples and t-zone and sometimes use my facial cleansing brush if I feel my skin need a little bit of a deeper cleanse. I then warm a face cloth with water and hold it over my face for a few seconds, allowing the heat of the cloth to open my pours more. Then in a circular motion, I wash my face with the cloth and remove all the cleanser.

I use the facial wash every evening as it is gentle enough for daily use, and in a morning I alternate between the wash and the ‘Benefit Cleanse refined finish facial polish’, a great gentle exfoliator that brightens the complexion and helps minimise the appearance of pores.

After cleansing, I apply a thin layer of the ‘Benefit Moisturise Triple Performing Facial Emulsion’. It is a really light moisturise that’s seems to dry out any spots I have and minimises the heal time.

I’ve used this Benefit range for coming up to two years now and although I've tried other brands and other cleanser in that time, I always come back to the Benefit range as nothing beats it in terms of the results.

All three items are priced around £20 each, which doesn’t break the bank when you consider how great a product it is! If you’re looking for new facial cleansing product, which leaves you with great results I would highly recommend!




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