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Hair: Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been my biggest hair secret for a while now. First purchase to help with some sunburn on my scalp than I managed to obtain while in Newcastle, unbelievable I know! After a quick google it was the first thing to come up repeatedly for this kind of thing, so I ran out and bought some.

I also discovered through google that Aloe Vera has a large number of health benefits for you hair. I knew Aloe vera makes a great house plant and could be taken in pill form or as a juice to help with digestion, but that was about it! I never knew it had so many benefit for hair and skin.

I have been an avid ambassador for Aloe for close to two years now, and its the first thing I recommend to people if they ask about hair care.

Aloe vera has a cooling effect that moisturises the scalp and hair, helps with dandruff and hair growth- by stimulating and unclogging hair follicles from skin cells, and leaves hair feeling nourished and looking really shining. Plus it smells great, whats not to like?

My Routine: on dirty hair just before bed- I apply a liberal amount of Aloe vera gel, massaging it into my roots and through to the ends. I tie my hair up and sleep with a towel on my pillow to ensure the product doesn't tint my bedding (pale) green! I then sleep and rinse it out in the morning.


I apply it to dirty hair in the morning, before I shower, for at least half an hour. It's great if you want to work out in the morning, and although you may look like a crazy people with slicked back hair (and a red face if you're me) but you'll have beautiful hair in no time!


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