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New Year, New Hair: Charles Worthington- Salon at Home

Charles Worthington Thicker&Fuller Range

Let’s talk hair! Anyone who knows me, knows what my hair means to me. Given my hair doesn’t always look great, and I’m definitely one of those people who is a complete moody arse when my hair looks shit but my hair is something I put a lot of time into, so I’m always happy to talk hair.

I’ve been through many hair phases, which would make for a great (and hilarious) blog post one day, but for now let’s stick to what my hair is currently like. It’s not been dyed for a while, at least over two years now. I’ve not made a conscious effort to not dye my hair, I had a slight ombre which grew out and I’ve been rocking the au naturale since, and I’m really happy with it.

Granted, sometimes I do feel very boring and could blench it blonde any minute- but I’m not that brave, or spontaneous. I would highly recommend anyone trying to revert back to their natural hair colour at some point. I condition my hair is in is really good, if I do say so myself, and thats all down to no hair dye, a good heat protector and some cheap & simple hair treatments, again something I will cover later on the blog.

Today I’m going to talk volume. For quite a few years now I’ve been striving for luxurious, voluminous hair. I do have very thick hair, theres a lot of it, but I struggle with keeping any volume or body at the roots of my hair. My hair is so heavy it seems to weigh down any root lift I try to put into it. I understand this isn’t really a problem, I am very lucky to have thick hair and don't get me wrong, I love it but I little lift would be great!

And I’ve tried so many products to give that lift but have found the product is either too heavy for my hair or makes it feel gross because the product is too tacky. But anytime I spot a new brand or range that declares it contains volume giving magic, I’ll give it a go.

But I feel like my search has come to an end. I picked up this Charles Worthington set in Boots before moving to the states and tested it while still living at home, and had to buy another to bring out with me. It was true love!

For the best results use all the products together. The Thicker&Fuller Shampoo and then the Thicker&Fuller conditioner followed by the Thicker&Fuller Scalp Tonic, which is applied and then massaged into the hair while it’s damp.

I then follow with a liberal coating (as the bottle suggests) of Charles Worthington’s Volume&Bounce BAFTA Edition Express Blow Dry Primer (not pictured), which doubles as a thermal heat protector.

I feel like all of these products work incredible well together and leave me with fuller looking hair, which doesn’t immediately fall flat as soon as I walk outside- thats good enough for me!

Also, any hair product that includes ‘spray liberally’ in its instructions, is a winner in my book.

All I wish is that I brought a truckload of this stuff with me, guess I’ll just have to wait till I fly back...or mum, if you’re reading...hint hint!

Charles Worthington Thicker&Fuller 250ml Shampoo £6.99 (Full Price)

Charles Worthington Thicker&Fuller 250ml Conditioner £6.99 (Full Price)

Charles Worthington Thicker&Fuller 100ml Scalp Tonic £7.99 (Full Price)

Charles Worthington Volume&Bounce 100ml Express Blow Dry Primer £6.99 (Full Price)


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