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Thanksgiving at Pier 39

Thursday, 24th was Thanksgiving here in American and unlike american tradition, we didn't have roast turkey and cranberries but instead, headed to the famous Pier 39. It was much more exciting than I thought it would be. There was lots to see including a couple sea lions, but I'll definitely be going back to see them as a big group!

It was pretty busy considering it was Thanksgiving, but I guess nothing keeps tourist away. The street performer there was definitely one of the highlights, along with the corn dog and cherry coke I consumed within a matter of seconds- all can be seen on my Instagram.

But all the lights, sounds and smells are well worth a visit so I'll be making many trips here. The views of Alcatraz and a glimpse of the Gold Gate Bridge were great to see as the sun was setting. There are a number of great looking sea food restaurants I fancy trying too, and when in San Fran- sea food is a must!

We topped the day off with a take-out pizza (not traditional thanksgiving but very american) and enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire on the tv- kinda perfect film choice for us in San Fran.


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