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Hull Fair By Day Series-1

If you were born and raised in Hull, there is no doubt that you will have been to, and will love, Hull Fair. It’s an institution around these parts and is held in the highest regard.

Starting in early October and lasting only 8 days, it signifies the official arrival of Autumn in East Yorkshire.

Currently in it’s 723rd year (yes, that’s right) and still going as strong as ever, Hull Fair provides rides, food, games and prizes for everyone. It’s is also the largest travelling fair in Europe.

I visited the fair with my mum during the day, something I haven’t done in years! I can’t remember the last time I when to Hull Fair and saw everything by the cold light of day. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats the fair at nighttime-the lights and music, but you get a completely different experience during the day, it’s almost eerie!

This post is 1 of 5 in a short series, showing the photographs I took while I was there-


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